Privacy Policy

The Progress (Jonathan Bletscher) offers the program JDIT as application for smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, and/or a web-app over which users get access to content and functionalities.

The following privacy policy applies to collecting, processing, and usage of personal data in the context of the registration and use of the provided web-apps and mobile apps.

Service Provider and Responsibility for Data

As defined by the German Telemedia Act and the German Federal Data Protection Act, “The Progress – Jonathan Bletscher” is the website service provider and the company responsible for data protection. If you have questions or suggestions concerning our policies on data protection, please refer to the following contact information:

The Progress
Jonathan Bletscher
Bucheckernweg 3a
74889 Sinsheim

Collecting, processing, and use of your personal data

We collect, process, and use your personal data only if it is allowed or appointed by law, or if you have given your consent to do so.

Collecting, processing, and use of your personal data for the JDIT App

a. Automatic collecting and storing of data
For technical reasons, certain data is always passed on to us from your computer or smartphone as communication takes place on the internet. This includes the date and time you visited our website or application, your browser type, the browser settings, the operating system, the previous website you visited, and the quantity of data transmitted. We also collect anonymized statistical information about the usage of the application via Google Analytics. For our service, IP-address anonymization is enabled per default. This information will only be stored to use in the case of an error and will be deleted after 30 days. This information is usually not personal data. The above-mentioned data is only used for internal system-related purposes.

b. Collecting, processing, and use of personal data when registering for and using the app
In the context of the registration, it is necessary that you provide various personal data, which we will store and use. While doing so, we only require you to provide such information in order for you to be able to take advantage of your app. In the registration process, we collect and use your email address or similar registration ID and possibly ask you to choose and create a password. We may offer more registration alternatives in the future, which will ask different, clearly labeled information. We use the above-named data to authenticate you as the legitimate user of your app. Furthermore, we (automatically) store certain activities during your use of the app. This includes the user-ID, your login date and time, your browser type, the browser settings, and the operating system. Unless you give us permission to continue to store and use your data, we delete the above-mentioned information as soon as you delete or deactivate your user account.

c. Possibility for Inspection
Our employees who maintain the appropriate privileges are able to view the above named personal data. Please note that based on the current state of technology, absolute security of data transfer on the internet can not be guaranteed. The user is responsible for the security of the data they transfer through the internet. Additional collecting and processing of personal data and transmission to third-parties In some cases, we may transfer personal data to a third party. This only happens though, if it is required or permitted by law, or if you have given your consent.

Data processing outside of the European Union (“EU”) and the European Economic Area (“EEA”)

We process your data at an international data hosting center (namely GCP). Therefore data can be stored in data centers outside of the EU /EEA. We have taken appropriate measures in order to ensure that the service providers/data centers chosen, comply with the data protection laws and, hence, ensures the security of your personal data.

Payment Processing via Google Play Billing or Apple Pay

For in app purchases, namely subscriptions I use either the Google Play billing framework or the Apple Pay billing framework, depending on your platform. To be able to perform the required billing activities your data is shared with verified and secure e-commerce payment providers. The JDIT app cannot access the credit card information. The e-commerce provider handles and secures the personal information.

For details on the Play Store Policy visit For details on the App Store Policy visit

Your right to information, correction, deletion, and disclosure of your data

In accordance with legal provisions, you have the right to correct, delete, and block your personal data. Additionally, you have the right to obtain the following information from us at any time: (as appropriate) which of your personal data we store, what our purpose for storing this data is, as well as requesting the origin and recipient, or recipient category of this data.

Such inquiries can be directed to the following contact information:

Jonathan Bletscher
Bucheckernweg 3a
74889 Sinsheim