Please find below some of my reference projects.

Smart Electric Systems

Smart Electric Systems offers electrician services and is specialized on Smart Home technology. For them I delivered a customized Web Shop including Blog as well as some custom development.

The shop is based on Shopify, for Email integration Mailchimp is used. The customer development is a shopify plugin that allows customers to book appointments with an electrician online.

Have a look at the page here. The booking tool can be found here.

Custom URL Shortener is a Url Shortener. This is a complete custom development including a Subsription based model for commercializing users (Basically a SaaS offering). Customers can paste long urls and shorten the link by giving it a custom name. Paying customers can use their own domain names to shorten a long link.

The backend is build with Python & the Flask framework. Payment integration was setup with Stripe. Furthermore the page has a Google Analytics and Google AdSense integration. The backend is auto-scaling, meaning the hosting costs are optimized according to traffic. The less traffic the fewer costs are created.

Just Do It Today - Android App

JDIT today is a simple ToDo / Task tracking app which allows you to easily share tasks with you significant other or friends. To learn more about the app have a look at the Google Play Store and look for JDIT. Alternatively there is also a full web enabled version available here.


For MaxRep the page was build based on WordPress. In the past the page also had an E-Commerce integration, but since they stopped selling Protein products this integration was removed.

You can have a look at the customized page here

As said the page was setup via WordPress and was extended with WooCommerce and customized for Germany and the German Laws. Furthermore it had a paypal integration for payment processing as well as a MailChimp Email Marketing integration. The page is also enabled for Google Analytics and Google AdSense-.